Aruba Autoridad Aeroportuaria

Aruba Airport Authority is the authority operating and managing Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix.

Mission Statement

Aruba Airport Authority’s business is twofold:

To manage and operate Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix as a safe, secure, financially self sustainable and customer oriented, outstanding Caribbean airport.

To create a prosperous airport business community to contribute to the economic growth and development of Aruba, maintaining high accountability standards.

Schiphol International

 Strategic Co-operation

In April 2004 Aruba Airport Authority has entered into a Strategic Co-operation Agreement with Schiphol International. Schiphol International is the division responsible for international activities at the Schiphol Group, owner and manager of amongst others Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The Strategic Co-operation between the Aruba Airport Authority and Schiphol Group will focus on making maximum use of Reina Beatrix International Airport’s commercial potential, to strengthen its financial position and to assist the airport in further developing the facilities on and around the airport, in order to develop Reina Beatrix International Airport into one of the leading airports in the Caribbean.

Aruba Airport Authority

Josef Adrianus Maduro – Director del Departamento Aviación Civil
TEL: (297) 832-665  – FAX: (297) 823-038
Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix – Sabana Berde 73-B, Oranjestad, ARUBA
Página Web: www.airportaruba.com 
E-mail: dca@aruba.gov.aw 
E-mail: josef.maduro@aruba.gov.aw